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Earn More with no commissions

Yaari Captains earn more as there are no commission deducted on rides. Fixed premium per day to use the services.
No fixed targets or peak hour challenges. Earn for every effort you put in. 

Your Business your Convenience

There are no restrictions to accepting the ride. There are no schedules or shifts assigned. Login and logout is as per the your convenience.

Become a Yaari captain

In few Simple Steps

More earnings, No commissions,  No Hidden charges, No Peek hour Challenges, Fixed KM’s

2. Install the App from the Playstore
The app can be installed through play store just by searching for YAARI Partners App.
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3. Accept Bookings
Once the account is activated, the Captain can accept bookings. The bookings are confined to the nearest rides and given to the nearest Captains.
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4. Collect payment
The Captain can collect the payment directly from the passenger in cash or other preferred modes of payments
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Most frequent Questions asked by the Captains

  • Enter destination in “drop off” box , select next 
  • A list of vehicle types and estimated fare price will be displayed
  • Select the vehicle type based on your requirement
  • Tap confirm booking
  • Wait for the Yaari Captain to accept your request
  • Once your request has been accepted, you’ll see your Captain’s details , location on your map and an estimated time of arrival at your pickup location
  • You will receive a notification on your app, when your Captain is at your pickup location

If you wish to contact Yaari Captain about a pickup location or talk about other details of the ride you requested, you can do that through the app. Tap on the call icon displayed on the captain’s info next to the Captain’s name.

The Emergency button allows passengers to trigger a real-time Safety Emergency Alert to our emergency response team, the passenger’s emergency contacts and the city police in the rare event of an emergency or incident during a trip.

Instant alerts with complete passenger, Captain and trip will be sent to our specially trained team which is available 24/7 will connect with you immediately. Our response agents can then monitor your trip real-time, provide instant phone support and relay critical trip information to the police.

A minimum fare and based on the time and distance for your trip’s route your ride fare is calculated. Fares may vary by location, the vehicle option you select, and other factors.

You can cancel a trip at any time, before or after a Captain has accepted your trip request. If you cancel when the captain is less than 5 minutes away from picking you up, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees vary by vehicle type , but are typically between Rs 40 – Rs 100.